Photographs from the EBUKI Clayfest

The EBUKI Clayfest was held at The Heritage Skills Centre, Lincoln Castle, in conjunction with EMESS, Hill Holt Wood and The University of Lincoln. The workshops were held for four days, with cob, mud and stud, rammed earth, earth block and many more earthen and natural workshops.

EMESS members had lots of fun getting stuck in the mud with EBUKI members and members of the general public who came to participate in the event. Here are some photographs taken over the workshops throughout the four days.

The Heritage Skills Centre, EBUKI Clayfest Day two.

The Mud and Stud Workshop

The rammed earth/ earth block oven.

Cob and earth block workshop.

Earth block workshop 1.

Earth plastering Workshop.

The Heritage Skills Centre day four, and final constructions below.

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