Friday, 4 November 2016


Sunday 13th November 1pm. Village Museum, Skegness.

We are meeting at the museum to make a start with collating the archives. There is lots of information and hundreds of photos to sort through. Anyone willing to help just turn up on the day. For more information feel free to email or call me on 07801065291

Saturday 10th December 2pm. Meeting; Village Museum, Skegness.

2-2.30 pm. Guided tour of Withern Cottage.

2.30-3 pm  Tour around museum.

3 pm. Committee meeting.  [ Agenda to follow ]

June 12th - 17th 2017 EBUKI [Earth Building UK & Ireland] / EMESS Clayfest.

EBUKI has run a number of successful Clayfest events in Scotland, Ireland and Cumbria.
The proposed programme is four days of workshops at the Heritage Skills Centre, Lincoln Castle, followed by a conference at Lincoln University and on Saturday 17th a tour of earth buildings, with a focus on mud and stud.
The event will be truly international with demonstrators and speakers from all over Europe.
EMESS will be running workshops in the Castle grounds where we will hope to build a scaled down mud and stud.
The main focus of the event will be mud and stud which will help in raising awareness. If you would like to take part in any capacity please turn up to our next meeting on 10th December or contact me direct.


October meeting.
The meeting was held at Hill Holt Wood with a fascinating demonstration on building with earth followed by a talk about the rammed earth building at Hill Holt, both by Professor Rowland Keable. Afterwards members had a short tour of the woods and traveled to the university to see progress on the Hexagonium.

Hill Holt Wood Meeting

New build project.
The project to build a new mud and stud at the Village Museum in Skegness is progressing well. 
It was decided to construct an experimental building at Lincoln University to enable thermal testing of various materials, wall thickness's and methods of construction. Students have constructed a six sided building, the 'Hexagonium', with 14 different panels that will be tested for u/values once the mud has dried. The tests will be carried out during the next 12 months with more experiments being conducted as a result of the construction.
 Hexagonium Photos

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Rodney's book

Hi all,

On eBay there are two copies of Rodney's book 'Lincolnshire building in the Mud and Stud tradition' that are currently for sale. It is a great book to read and to own considering there are only a few copies that were printed. The links are below:

They are priced at around £13.00.

Hope to see you all this Saturday for our meeting at hill holt wood,


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Next EMESS Meeting - Hill Holt Wood and other Updates!

The next EMESS meeting will be held at:

Hill Holt Wood, 
on the A46 between Lincoln and Newark 

On: Saturday 22nd October 2016

At: 11am

Rowland Keable from EBUKI will be giving a practical demonstration on building with earth and a talk on the Rammed Earth building he was involved in constructing at Hill Holt Wood followed by our main meeting. [see below]

Tea and Coffee are available. Please bring a packed lunch.


New Build Mud and Stud

Work will be starting on 12th October and continuing for 3 weeks at the University of Lincoln Campus on the experimental shed for the new mud and stud project at Skegness.

The 'shed' will be constructed by the Students [and anyone willing to come along to play], of a number of panels using different mixes and techniques so they can be appraised over the coming months to hopefully find the best materials to use in the new build.

If you would like more information, to visit the site for a look or even hands on experience please contact Trevor.


EMESS Meeting Day Outline [Hill Holt Wood]
1. – From about 11:00 – 11:30 am Following a quick introduction, A Practical Presentation.  Which takes about an hour.
Rowland to demonstrate using training tables and interactive tools developed by CRAterre in France (the International Centre for Earth Construction), involving the science and technology of earth building with introduction to the basics of clay, sand, fibre and water and how they can be combined and used as practical and suitable earth building material.  This will be a practical demonstration and members of the audience are sometimes invited to take part with some elements of this.  Rowland will drive up and bring several boxes with kit and materials which he lays out on tables length ways.  He therefore has a requirement for space with about 3-4 fairly long tables tables joined together.  And then some seating for people to watch.  He may need a little bit of water, to mix with materials in jars.  He ends up with sample ‘earth material’ cones where he places weights on them and finally he may hopefully get someone to stand on one.

A couple of example presentations done earlier, as below:-


2. – About 12:30 pm Lunch.
I will ask Trevor to put in an e-mail to everyone to bring a packed lunch.  This is what normally happens.  They can also bring flasks of hot drinks if you would prefer us to do so.

3. – About 1:15 pm A Talk on the Rammed Earth Building at Hill Holt Wood.
The presentation before leads into how earth can be used as a practical building material, and Rowland can then follow this with a talk about a typical example building – thus the Rammed Earth Building at Hill Holt Wood and how it was built, with questions and answers afterwards.
4. – About 2:45pm An EMESS/EBUKI meeting.
EMESS often like to have a quick catch-up while members are present.  This will probably include a discussion about the EBUKI annual conference and workshops which we would like to host for 2017 in Lincolnshire, specifically because the local vernacular construction and architecture is ‘Mud & Stud’, which EMESS is really about as a group, supporting and raising it’s awareness.

5.  - Hopefully we should be finished about 4:00pm.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Our Next Meeting: Heritage Open Days

The time has come again for the Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days, and this year its focus is on 'Natural' Lincolnshire.

We will be hosting an event from the Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th September 2016 from 10am - 4pm:

Location: The Barn, Tumby Moorside, Coningsby, PE22 7ST

Earth as a Natural Building Material
Learn from the past whilst bringing our buildings heritage into the future. Experience new and old ways of building with natural materials. Explore, learn how and get 'hands on' at a ancient mud-and-stud barn,

Come along and get stuck in some mud!*

-----Everyone is welcome, this is a FREE Event-----

*Wellies and scruffy clothes are advised.

To all EMESS members: If you could help out on one of our open days, even if it is for an hour, then please email or contact Trevor.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

EMESS at Newark Show Update (May 2016)

EMESS put on a display of mud and stud at the Newark Show in May on both of the weekend show days.

A lot of interest was sparked in the displays as well as our Mud and Stud Archives. We had four displays as well as our mud and stud demonstration frame, a lime plastering frame, mud samples, and some traditional building tools. Some interested individuals asked for advice on traditional earth buildings as well as new earth builds. We attracted some new members who got stuck in at our Tumby Workshop in June.

At the Show we had our demonstrations of putting mud on the stud-work, only a few children helped us with mixing the mud and others helped to put the mud on the frame itself.

Photograph taken by  Tony      -    "The Future Earth Builders"

EMESS Repair Day Update (June 2016)

Repairs to Tumby Moorside Barn

On 21st May, further repairs were carried out to the barn at Tumby Moorside by EMESS Members. In fact, two new members received personal training in some of the relevant repair techniques involved in mud and stud building. This barn is a listed Grade II building, and so, as long as the repairs are carried out on a like-for-like basis, the Society has the permission of the local Council to carry them out.

After an introduction to the building and a review of previous repairs, lime washing of the most recently repaired wall area was undertaken. The area was about halfway along the west facing wall. It was then time to mix a batch of mud, which was quite hard work in itself, but very satisfying one the straw had been absorbed into the mud. Part of the former internal wall on the east side was repaired by building up the mud around the new laths which had been fixed previously. Although this wall is now under cover, the rain spilling off the adjoining modern building had still damaged it.

Other work carried out included strimming and mowing the surrounding area to keep the building accessible, and continuing to dig out and extend the french drain along the west wall. This work will reduce the point from which rising damp can penetrate up the wall.

Overall, the event and repairs were a success, and our next Tumby workshop will be in Autumn.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tumby Workshop

The Tumby workshop will be held on the 21st May 2016

10am start

At Tumby nr. Coningsby

Everyone is welcome to come along!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Visit from the Vernacular Architecture Group

The VAG held their 2016 Spring Conference in Lincoln from 29th March to 1st April.
They had evening lectures, but most of their time was spent on touring the local area in the day time, and one one of these days, they visited a number of mud and stud buildings. Arrangements had been made for the delegates to see the cottages in Thimbleby Village and Mareham le Fen Village, and The Blue Bell Inn at Tattershall Thorpe. They also came to the barn at Tumby Moorside near Coningsby (built about 1750), which enables them to see the inside of the barn which is, effectively, an unfinished structure. With two separate groups of about 40 people, there were plenty of questions and also discussions about dates, building techniques, framing details, the distribution of mud and stud buildings, and "Why in Lincolnshire?". Also discussed were the repair techniques which EMESS is using when being allowed to repair this buildig. As the building is listed Grade II, all the repairs are carried out using matching materials on a like-for-like basis. The VAG organisers were very pleased with the efforts which EMESS had undertaken to make the building safe and presentable.

The Next EMESS meeting will be a hands-on repair day at Tumby Moorside on Satruday 21st May 2016.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Reminder - Our Next Meeting

Just a quick reminder to all members and non-members,

Our next meeting is taking place this coming Wednesday 9th March 2016,

at 7:00pm.

Venue; Seminar Room MB1009M in the Minerva Building, University of Lincoln Campus

There will be a short presentation followed by Dr. Erica Mallory-Blyth on "Electromagnetic Health and the Built Environment" and the beneficial effects of living in earth buildings. This will then be followed by the general meeting.

- - all welcome to attend - -

We hope to see you there!

Friday, 29 January 2016

January/ February 2016

This year is an exciting year for EMESS!

1- Next meeting 9th March 2016
2- New-Build Mud and Stud
3- VAG - Vernacular Architecture Group

1- Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be at the University of Lincoln

on March 9th 2016

at 7:00pm.

Venue; Seminar Room MB1009M in the Minerva Building, University of Lincoln Campus

There will be a short presentation followed by Dr. Erica Mallory-Blyth on "Electromagnetic Health and the Built Environment" and the beneficial effects of living in earth buildings. This will then be followed by the general meeting. - all welcome to attend

2- New-Build Mud and Stud

A new project in partnership with the Village Museum in Skegness, Lincoln University and Earth Building UK and Ireland (EBUKI) has just got off the ground. The intention is to hopefully gain planning permission and building regulation permission to erect a new dwelling on the museum site that will set a precedent for the use of mud and stud as a viable option for a new build, as well as to provide future income for the museum by using the completed building as a holiday let.

An initial meeting has been held and a second is planned for late February.

If anyone is interested in being involved in the project pleast contact Trevor Oliver

3- VAG - Vernacular Architecture Group

The VAG are holding their annual conference in Lincolnshire at the end of March 2016. They will be touring some mud and studs and will visit Tumby Barn on the 1st April.
EMESS members will be there to meet them and give a quick tour of the barn, allowing them to see mud and stud in various states of completion.

If anyone would like to come along and meet members of the VAG and help out on the day please contact David Glew