Tuesday, 19 July 2016

EMESS Repair Day Update (June 2016)

Repairs to Tumby Moorside Barn

On 21st May, further repairs were carried out to the barn at Tumby Moorside by EMESS Members. In fact, two new members received personal training in some of the relevant repair techniques involved in mud and stud building. This barn is a listed Grade II building, and so, as long as the repairs are carried out on a like-for-like basis, the Society has the permission of the local Council to carry them out.

After an introduction to the building and a review of previous repairs, lime washing of the most recently repaired wall area was undertaken. The area was about halfway along the west facing wall. It was then time to mix a batch of mud, which was quite hard work in itself, but very satisfying one the straw had been absorbed into the mud. Part of the former internal wall on the east side was repaired by building up the mud around the new laths which had been fixed previously. Although this wall is now under cover, the rain spilling off the adjoining modern building had still damaged it.

Other work carried out included strimming and mowing the surrounding area to keep the building accessible, and continuing to dig out and extend the french drain along the west wall. This work will reduce the point from which rising damp can penetrate up the wall.

Overall, the event and repairs were a success, and our next Tumby workshop will be in Autumn.

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