Friday, 29 January 2016

January/ February 2016

This year is an exciting year for EMESS!

1- Next meeting 9th March 2016
2- New-Build Mud and Stud
3- VAG - Vernacular Architecture Group

1- Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be at the University of Lincoln

on March 9th 2016

at 7:00pm.

Venue; Seminar Room MB1009M in the Minerva Building, University of Lincoln Campus

There will be a short presentation followed by Dr. Erica Mallory-Blyth on "Electromagnetic Health and the Built Environment" and the beneficial effects of living in earth buildings. This will then be followed by the general meeting. - all welcome to attend

2- New-Build Mud and Stud

A new project in partnership with the Village Museum in Skegness, Lincoln University and Earth Building UK and Ireland (EBUKI) has just got off the ground. The intention is to hopefully gain planning permission and building regulation permission to erect a new dwelling on the museum site that will set a precedent for the use of mud and stud as a viable option for a new build, as well as to provide future income for the museum by using the completed building as a holiday let.

An initial meeting has been held and a second is planned for late February.

If anyone is interested in being involved in the project pleast contact Trevor Oliver

3- VAG - Vernacular Architecture Group

The VAG are holding their annual conference in Lincolnshire at the end of March 2016. They will be touring some mud and studs and will visit Tumby Barn on the 1st April.
EMESS members will be there to meet them and give a quick tour of the barn, allowing them to see mud and stud in various states of completion.

If anyone would like to come along and meet members of the VAG and help out on the day please contact David Glew

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