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The East Midlands Earth Structures Society was formed by six enthusiasts in the Spring of 1994.  It is one of the regional groups which are under the wing of the Earth Structures Committee of ICOMOS-UK (the International Commission on Monuments and Other Sites-UK Committee).  This in itself is part of UNESCO, which in turn is part of the UN.  Other regional groups are in East Anglia (EARTHA), the Market Harborough area (HADES), and Devon (DEBA).

Members of EMESS are interested in, and engaged upon, both the repair of existing buildings made of earth, and the construction of new earth buildings.  The members therefore have the full range of interest in this type of building, from ownership, to repair, to design, and to construction.  As a result the events the society organises are of great interest to building owners, building firms, architects, surveyors, engineers, conservation officers, students in various fields, apprentices, historians, and even DIY enthusiasts.

The society holds four to six meetings each year, which are a mixture of evening lectures or discussions (during the winter) and day-time training days and visits (in the summer).  Present members of the society include owners of earthen buildings, mud masons, conservation builders, a conservation officer,  architects, an historian, and the School of Architecture at the University of Lincoln.  2014 will be the 20th anniversary year for the society, and the first event will be the third annual lecture to be held in the university on the subject of earthen buildings.  Also, there will be hands-on training days in the relevant building techniques at a mud-and-stud barn which is also a listed building, and other events.  As usual, news-sheets and reports of meetings will be circulated.

The 2014 annual subscription will be £10 for an individual or £25 for corporate membership.  To join the society, please contact the treasurer : Neil Cook (email :  The chairman is Rodney Cousins (email : and the secretary is David Glew (email :  Prospective new members would be welcome to come to any meeting to see if they would like to join the society.

This blog has just been started, and further information about the society's past and future events will be posted on it shortly.

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  1. Many thanks for a useful meeting at the University yesterday evening. Its very encouraging to see the architectural students participating in the EMESS events & planning to embrace the principles of sustainability in their work.
    Good to see some familiar 'muddies' there too.
    Bernard Martin


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