Monday, 2 June 2014


This survey shows the building which EMESS has been repairing from time to time over the last 20 years.  It is a listed building grade II and the Society has the permission of the owner to carry out the repairs.  In addition, because these repairs to a listed building are being carried out on a like-for-like basis, the Society has been given the agreement of the local authority to carry them out.  If the repairs did not match the original construction, then listed building consent would have been required.  

The building has become the focus of the hands-on training days which EMESS organises, usually twice a year.  One of these days is specifically for architecture students from the University of Lincoln who are interested in the use of sustainable materials.  The other day is for anyone in EMESS to attend.

The building’s survey was carried out by Arjun Chopra and Kritika Golchha, two students from the University, following a consultation with two retired architect members of EMESS.  The building has been recorded by Arjun Chopra to this excellent level overall, which will allow for even more detailed surveying to be done in the future for various other purposes.  For instance, the various timber joints could be surveyed individually, and their locations keyed into the present overall drawings.  In addition, any carpenter’s marks could be sought and recorded in the same way.  The degree by which the building’s structure has moved away from the vertical could be recorded.  The areas and dates of the various modern repairs could be included, in order to show that the repairs are being carried out in accordance with the best conservation practice.  Thoughts about further repairs, and possibly the stabilising of the structure, could be assessed on the basis of this survey.

(Drawing by Arjun Chopra, 2013)


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