Monday, 21 September 2015


EMESS made a contribution to this year's national Heritage Open Days.  The on-going repairs to the mud and stud barn at Tumby Moorside, near Coningsby, Lincs, were open to the public on Thursday and Friday 10th, 11th September.  About 18 people made visits on the Thursday, and about 25 on the Friday.  They were all people with an interest in the heritage of this country, which is the purpose behind the annual Heritage Open Days - namely to have buildings of historic interest open to the public.  The grand ones are open at no charge, and the modest ones (like Tumby) are open when otherwise they would be inaccessible.

The weather was warm and sunny on both days.  There were displays of photos, plans, artefacts and various records, under cover.  Then the building itself, and the various repairs which have been carried out to it over the last 20 years could be seen and discussed.  There were many complimentary observations, which will encourage EMESS and its members to continue with this conservation work. 

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